Control Systems Engineer

Location: Ames, Iowa

In this position, you will work on a cross-functional team to develop solutions and innovative new products that solve the problems that our customers in the ag industry face. These solutions will require high-precision and reliability so that farmers can be confident that their crops will reach their full potential.

• Work in a cross-functional team of engineers in an Agile development methodology
• Develop closed-loop control systems for innovative hydraulic and electromechanical agricultural products
• Assist teams with the implementation of control algorithms in embedded software applications
• Optimize the performance of existing systems and control methods
• Act as a technical adviser with internal groups in the organization on control systems

Ideal Candidate Description
• Familiarity with agricultural machinery and practices
• Knowledge of adaptive control systems
• Understanding of machine learning theory and applications
• Ability to use Agile Development Methods

Minimum Education Required
• MS or Ph.D. in Mechanical, Aerospace, Electrical Engineering, or another appropriate degree

Minimum Experience Required
• 3 years of experience with the design and implementation of closed-loop control systems in agricultural, off-highway, or similar equipment.

Specific Skill Requirements
• Model-based control design using Matlab/Simulink
• Design, analysis, and testing of hydraulic control systems
• Design, analysis, and testing of electromechanical control systems
• FMEA Analysis
• Familiarity with Kalman filtering techniques and applications

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