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We have installed three SteerCommand™ systems so far. …I personally like the way that the antenna hooks up… Seems to be much faster to boot up and acquire signal. For example, we switched the first one from manual guidance to SteerCommand and had RTK fixed signal within a minute’s time.

– Jeffery Gaston

We use OptRx to try to get our nitrogen down in a timely fashion. We are no-till farmers and do a split application of anhydrous in the fall and urea in June around V8 on the corn. When we variable rate spread based on the readings from the OptRx, we are able to put the nitrogen where it needs to be.

– Eric Godwin, Prime Meridian, MO

Thanks to Ag Leader's Hydraulic Down Force system, we got our beans consistently planted in moist soil; and didn't have to replant anything.

– Erik Grudle, Percival, Iowa

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