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8 Things to Know About Ag Leader

by Ag Leader on November, 14 2017 in Ag Leader, International Perspectives

Ag Leader has been in the industry for over 25 years, and there are a few guiding principles that have remained unchanged since the very beginning. 


1. Where Midwest values meet global thinking, you find Ag Leader. Ag Leader is based in Ames, Iowa, with an additional three offices internationally.

2. In a market that’s full of mergers and acquisitions, we are defiantly independent, and that’s not changing.

3. Ag Leader is comprised of more than 250 employees who work side-by-side toward one goal: advancing precision agriculture.


4. We’re farmers too. A large percentage of our employees are not only passionate about farming, they are farmers.

5. We produce a product we are proud to stand behind, and we never compromise quality for convenience. Ever.

6. You can count on top-notch technical support from local dealers and our Ames-based customer support team.

7. We have the highest trained dealer network behind our customers every step of the way.

8. Data is the way of the future. That’s why all our products provide advanced data for optimum decision making.


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