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Ag Leader Announces Global Satellite Network Option, TerraStar-L

by Ag Leader on August, 08 2017 in Ag Leader, Guidance & Steering, International Perspectives, Australia, News

AMES, Iowa, August 8, 2017 –  Today, Ag Leader® announced its GPS 6500 receivers will support TerraStar-L, a globally available, dual-frequency correction for growers who require a repeatable differential source. TerraStar-L provides 6-8-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and 15-inch repeatable accuracy with a 5-minute convergence time. 

“Ag Leader is committed to providing reliable GNSS solutions that serve customers, regardless of accuracy needs, or geographic location. TerraStar-L is proof of that commitment,” said Bill Cran, Ag Leader GNSS and Steering Product Specialist.

Ag Leader currently offers a full line of correction signals that include GLIDE, WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar-C and RTK in order to serve a large range of producers and crops. TerraStar-L will be available through an upcoming firmware release. GPS 6500 units purchased after the firmware is released qualify for a free one-year TerraStar-L subscription.


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Jenna Royer



What is the difference between TerraStar-L and WAAS? It seems to have the same pass-to-pass accuracy (6-8 inches). Is it that it is repeatable though, as I don’t recall WAAS being very accurate on repeatability. Thanks.

Gregory Burgess on Aug 12, 2017

Thanks for your question, Gregory!

The main difference between TerraStar-L and WAAS is repeatability. TerraStar-L has a 15-inch repeatable accuracy.

Ag Leader

Ag Leader on Aug 14, 2017

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