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Ag Leader asks, “How do you like to plant?”

by Sam Worley on March, 17 2014 in Ag Leader, Displays

Hidden in the version 5.2 release notes, among all the other exciting new features of the Ag Leader® Integra, is the ability to plant and apply headlands first or last with AutoSwath functionality. This easily overlooked feature will give growers the flexibility to plant the headlands last, be it to minimize compaction, for seed corn planting or to minimize emergence issues caused by turning around at the end of passes.

Access the headlands button from the field tab on the run screen. You must have a field boundary present to create a headland. Interior field boundaries are not affected by headlands.

Pressing the headlands button yields six options – enable/disable headlands, add a headland, load a previously created headland from the display, edit headland, alarm settings and active area. The active area options can be described as such:

To add a headland, press the plus button from Headland Options, select the headland type from the drop down menu. Options include driven, all-around and top bottom. This gives growers multiple options on how the headland is to be created and how the seed/product will be applied.

All-Around, where headlands will border the field boundary.

Top Bottom, where headlands are created perpendicular to a set heading, or based off an A-B line.

Driven, where headlands are user defined, similar to creating a boundary.

Pertinent settings for the headland type selected will be displayed to the left of the new headlands page, all-around headland type shown:

Run screen planting along a headland equal to one implement width.

If you have any questions on headland operations, feel free to call in to Technical Support at (515) 232-5363 or email

Technical Support will begin extended weekend coverage this weekend, March 22nd.  The extended schedule can be found here.

Sam Worley

Sam has been with Ag Leader since August 2010 and became the Marketing Product Specialist in the winter of 2014. Sam helps with various marketing duties such as website maintenance, product catalog development and other tasks. He also works to provide timely technical information to Ag Leader dealers and customers and manages Knowledgebase content. Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Sam was influenced by agriculture early on with visits to his grandpa’s farm. Growing up he continued with that interest, working on neighboring forage and dairy farms, taking agri-science classes and FFA involvement. Sam graduated from Iowa State University in December 2009 with a degree in Agricultural Business. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, wrenching and spending time with friends.

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I have experience in the past with an Insight with a Nav II for steering on the planting tractor.  This year I will be using a new tractor with an Integra/Geosteer through the CAN bus of a Deere 8310R.  The steering seemed to work fine last Fall.  I will be activating Omnistar XP for the short term during the planting season.

I don’t know if I will be using the new headland feature as we have always planted the headlands first because we had no choice.  Even though we may not use the headland feature I have interest in it.

For our situations, the fields are almost all nice rectangles.  If we did use the headland feature and plant the headlands last we would be in the situation of just doing the ends in the Top-Bottom arrangement.

For this situation it would appear that first of all I would need an accurate boundary.  I would then inform the system that I wanted to leave two passes (24 rows x 2) on each end.  I assume I would then chose “Work Area” as I would want autoswath to shutoff my planter sections for the unplanted headlands.

When I finish the field I would change to Headlands to allow planting of the headlands last.  I’m confused as to the need for the “ALL” choice.  Wouldn’t this be equivalent to disabling autoswath on the main screen?

I’m trying to think through your example where the all around headland is being used.  I can relate to the desirability of using it in the field shown.  The screen shot seems to show the first pass inside the not yet planted headland. I assume the blue line is an indication of the edge of the unplanted headland.  The planter is an 8 section planter probably a 16 row.  The tractor is probably driven at this point creating an initial AB line.  I’m confused about the 30’ offset The planter appears to be creeping somewhat over the line in the screen shot.  With the given field I can see how this would happen on the first pass to get a straight AB line.

Please correct any of my assumptions above.  I know that actually working with it will probably become more clear and/or bring up more questions.

I have found that if I have to type out my questions that I am better able to comprehend the situation.

I may call in this weekend to discuss these scenarios with someone.  We are a long way from planting yet here in S. Minnesota.

Ted Thisius

Ted Thisius on Mar 23, 2014

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