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Sam Worley

Sam has been with Ag Leader since August 2010 and became the Marketing Product Specialist in the winter of 2014. Sam helps with various marketing duties such as website maintenance, product catalog development and other tasks. He also works to provide timely technical information to Ag Leader dealers and customers and manages Knowledgebase content. Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Sam was influenced by agriculture early on with visits to his grandpa’s farm. Growing up he continued with that interest, working on neighboring forage and dairy farms, taking agri-science classes and FFA involvement. Sam graduated from Iowa State University in December 2009 with a degree in Agricultural Business. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, wrenching and spending time with friends.

Mar, 20 2018 - by Sam Worley

SureDrive Installs on your planter, your meter

Most people want to see equipment before they buy to be sure it will work for their needs and to ensure the design is intelligent, sensible. It has been a common request for us to feature images of SureDrive installed on various row units and hoppers. So, here are pictures of the most popular row units SureDrive fits on. Enjoy!

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Dec, 20 2017 - by Sam Worley

2017: A Year in Review

2017 marked a special year for Ag Leader, we celebrated our 25th anniversary by having a week-long celebration in Ames, Iowa and further advanced agriculture through our precision ag product efforts and support.

Additionally, 2017 was also Soil-Max’s 20th anniversary. For more information about Soil-Max, a wholly-owned Ag Leader subsidiary, click here.

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Sep, 27 2017 - by Sam Worley

Which Weighing Device are you using to calibrate?

As you may know, InCommand™ displays can now get you quality, actionable yield data in one or two calibration loads.

We’re all familiar with the term garbage in, garbage out, right? Accurate actual weights are particularly important now when calibrating with fewer loads because weighing inaccuracies don’t average out over many loads.

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Sep, 18 2017 - by Sam Worley

Five Tips for a Smooth Harvest

Believe it or not, fall harvest season is right around the corner for many of you. If I were to guess, you probably fall into one of two camps - you have either fully embraced the looming season and have already gotten your combine out and prepped, or you're grasping onto the last few days of summer and ignoring the changing color of your fields. Either way, it's important to make sure your Ag Leader yield monitor is feeling its best before hitting the fields this fall. We've put together 5 easy steps that will help you have a smooth season.

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Mar, 10 2017 - by Sam Worley

Forage Yield Monitoring like never before

Late last year, we set out to improve the yield monitor experience on the market’s most popular forage harvester. We felt we could leverage our 25 years of yield monitoring expertise to bring high-resolution, quality yield data to forage harvest operations. The objective? To allow growers to have clear, actionable data when it comes to forage yield crops.

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Feb, 21 2017 - by Sam Worley

InCommand 1200: A window into your planter, part I

Everyone knows planting an ideal population is key to ROI and you are losing big money per acre by not hitting your proper population. Several factors come into play to sap spacing quality and singulation but are you readily aware of how your planter is performing? In this blog series, I'll discuss how InCommand 1200 yields visibility into your planter like nothing else.

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