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Jason Copeland

Apr, 01 2014 - by Jason Copeland

Updates Bring Exciting New Features to the GPS 2500B Base Station!

When Ag Leader introduced the GPS 2500B base station it was excellent in field operations involving the GPS 2500, like tiling or OnTrac2+ systems. Ag Leader dealers and growers wanted the success of the GPS 2500B to use in field operations with the ParaDyme or GeoSteer because they were interested in using GLONASS or the Quick Survey feature. However, GeoSteer and ParaDyme used a different brand of radio than 2500B. Unfortunately, it is impossible for two brands of radio to communicate. It’s like the base station is trying to talk to the rover in a language the rover doesn't understand. In the RTK radio world, the base and rover radio need to match to communicate. That is why Ag Leader is proud to announce GPS 2500B updates that allow external radios to match your operation.

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Mar, 13 2014 - by Jason Copeland

What is Pattern Grouping?

With the new v5.2 firmware comes a new way to record multiple guidance paths together in a field. This is called “Pattern Grouping”. It works great with Straight AB, Identical Curves, Adaptive Curves, and Pivot patterns.  Now an operator can create a Straight AB line then create curved patterns around obstructions and save them within the same field as a group.

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Nov, 19 2013 - by Jason Copeland

Topography Mapping

The arrival of Ag Leader® Integra and Versa™ firmware version 4.5 brought with it the ability to create a dedicated Topography map. With this new feature a topography map, which is basically an elevation map, can be generated while the display is in any operating mode, such as tillage, planting, application, etc. These topo maps can be very beneficial for creating and installing tile runs using the Intellislope tile plow control system, and are now easily obtainable right from the display!

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