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Adam Walters

Dec, 04 2014 - by Adam Walters

Start the new year by analyzing your data

Now that harvest is over and your data has been imported into SMS, it’s time to organize and fix any mistakes that were found so it can be analyzed before next season. When using precision ag displays, it’s common that the operator will forget to change a field name, perhaps spell something wrong, or even select the wrong crop that they are harvesting. It’s important to correct any mistakes that happened in the field so the data is usable and presentable, which allows us to extract as much value from it as possible.

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Oct, 16 2014 - by Adam Walters

Operation: Soil Sampling

Whether the rain is slowing the harvest season for us or not, we need to be thinking ahead to the post-harvest activities that will play an important role in next year’s crop.

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