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Dec, 05 2016 - by Teresa Beary

2016 Year End Product Recap

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2016, the Training Team invites you to take a look back at Ag Leader’s key product updates from this year. Learn about new features added to our InCommand™ displays -- including DisplayCast™ -- as well as updates to AgFiniti®, SMS™ Software and the SeedCommand™ product line.

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May, 28 2015 - by Teresa Beary

Dealers: Easily Access AgFiniti Training Online!

Ag Leader Dealers, if you're looking for an easy way to learn more about AgFiniti®, then the new AgFiniti Overview online course is for you. This short self-paced course guides you through the features of the AgFiniti web portal, required hardware, licenses, advantages of AgFiniti over competitors, and answers to frequently asked questions. The training team is excited to offer this new course online, so more people can learn about the benefits of AgFiniti from the comfort of their own office. A little remote learning about Remote Support, how's that for efficiency?

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