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Brett Buehler

Mar, 21 2019 - by Brett Buehler

Determining If SureForce is Right For Your Farm

Over the years I’ve been asked for my opinion on what is the most valuable planter upgrade. There will never be a blanket answer, and each situation needs to be considered with own special set of circumstances. One major challenge is that the payback of an upgrade directly hinges on how poorly the machine performed prior to the upgrade. This year has been no different than any other year, but the questions have often been more pointed, specifically questioning the return on investment with SureForce®.

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Dec, 05 2017 - by Brett Buehler

How Hydraulic Down Force works:

Simply stated, even plant emergence is the first step to record-setting yields. Even emergence begins with germination, where three key ingredients are required; moisture, warmth, and air. As these ingredients vary throughout a field, so does the time required for a seed to germinate and emerge.

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Nov, 28 2012 - by Brett Buehler

GeoSteer® Fills a Void in the AutoSteering Market

The new GeoSteer steering solution from Ag Leader has hit the market. Numerous systems have been installed and are currently in use. Many popular machines are currently supported with many more to be available before Spring 2013. Those of you who are familiar with the ParaDyme steering system will notice many similarities.

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Jul, 11 2012 - by Brett Buehler

GPS Offsets and Implement Offsets Explained

Due to the amount of calls received this spring regarding guess rows, I thought i’d take this opportunity to explain the proper method of setting up GPS and implement offsets. The first step is to determine the correct GPS offset required. This step is important even if the receiver is mounted directly in the center of the tractor.

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