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Chad Swindoll

Chad serves as an Agronomist for Ag Leader. He is a third-generation farmer and grew up working in the family row-crop operation in the Mississippi Delta region. Chad holds a Meteorology degree and Geospatial and Remote Sensing Certification from Mississippi State University. He is also a Certified Crop Adviser. Chad is husband to Edna and father to three wonderful children. Chad’s passion is serving Jesus, his family, and the agricultural community.

Oct, 16 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

Why NH3 Vapor State Matters

Description of operation

Farmers apply Nitrogen fertilizer to their crops in various forms. One commonly used form of Nitrogen is Anhydrous Ammonia/NH3. Anhydrous Ammonia is an efficient N source (82-0-0) and exists as a gas at temperatures ~28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.2 C) and greater. When stored above this temperature, the material must be kept under pressure so as to keep it in a usable liquid form for application on the farm.

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Sep, 29 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

The Decision Blind Spot

Have you ever looked over your shoulder while driving and started to change lanes to suddenly hear a horn blaring from a neighboring vehicle? You’ve experienced the infamous “blind spot.” The blind spot is an area that blocks the drivers field of view so that what may be there cannot be seen.

Farm information may contain a decision blind spot if not managed and understood properly.

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Sep, 22 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

Back to Basics in the Combine

I have been around combines since I was a kid, and one of the things I learned early on from my father was the importance of setting the combine properly. The amount of crop that is wasted from improper combine settings or operation can be sickening. Real dollars get thrown away through the threshing and cleaning systems of ALL combines every year.

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