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Al Myers

Aug, 13 2019 - by Al Myers

From One Ag Leader to Another: Harvest

Think about this: as a farmer, you only get one shot at harvesting your crop each year. Now think about how many things have changed in the past 10 or 20 years: bigger, faster and more accurate equipment, new seed technologies, better herbicide, insecticide and fertilizer options, improved water management, precision technologies … the list goes on.

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May, 29 2019 - by Al Myers

From One Ag Leader to Another: Application Season

It’s that time of year. Sprayers are getting tuned up and ready to head out to the fields (if they aren’t already). The time, equipment, seed and soil preparation work invested earlier this spring is now beginning to pay off with a (hopefully) healthy crop at its most critical growth stage. It’s amazing how much of your crop’s yield potential is tied up into this very short time period when so many factors – weather, insects and weeds – can have such a big impact on your yield and profitability in the fall.

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Mar, 19 2019 - by Al Myers

From One Ag Leader to Another: Product Quality

As the owner and founder of Ag Leader, quality is an important topic for me. Right from the beginning, I realized that if I was to build a name for myself and my company quality had to be paramount. Farmers simply cannot afford the downtime when there's field work to be done. 

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