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Mar, 05 2019 - by Logan Handsaker

Liquid Planter Options with Ag Leader

When applying liquid products with the planter, there are many different options available to suit each farmer’s needs, budget, and planting configuration. The options range from basic ground drive pumps to advanced valves that vary the rate and placement of fertilizer on every row unit. Ag Leader offers control solutions to help growers manage the increasing costs of liquid products while logging the placement of these products.

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Nov, 13 2018 - by Ag Leader

Advanced NH3 Application

It's that time of the season - time to start thinking about applying anhydrous. And with continued tight margins, it is important to make sure the correct amount of product is applied to your field. Ag Leader has a solution for you with the technologically advanced DirectCommand® Liquid Product Control module. 

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Nov, 08 2018 - by Sam Worley

Stay Safe in the Field This Fall!

Now that most of the grain is safely out of the field and in storage bins and the combine is ready to be put away, it’s time to go back to the field and start with fall tillage and application. More late nights, but at least there are less moving parts and you can let your guard down right? If that’s what you were thinking, then it’s time to revisit some safety tips and common dangers of fall application.

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Oct, 22 2018 - by Ag Leader

Tips From Tech: Granular Application Success

Farming operations across the northern US and Canada will soon be wrapping up harvest and quickly turning to the next operation, fall fertility application. Armed with tips from our support team, your fall application should go smoother.

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Jul, 25 2018 - by Ag Leader

Playing by the rules

The federal government’s recent action on the common herbicide ingredient dicamba is one such example, and farmers may need to make some changes to comply with new regulations laid out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Jun, 13 2018 - by Ag Leader

A lifeline in the cab this application season

We all know spraying can be a long and tedious time in the cab. Have you ever caught yourself wondering what else you can be doing while you're out there? Wishing you had more information at your disposal? Maybe you’re checking emergence, getting a feel for plant health, asking “what variety is this?” “What population was this planted at?” “What date was this planted?” Maybe you’ve even wished you could easily grab guidance lines or management items or maps from your planting tractor…

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May, 09 2018 - by Ag Leader

Liquid Application Tips for Success

These days growers are faced with a host of application challenges. Ensuring your sprayer is properly calibrated for spray drift, Roundup® resistance and chemical efficacy are just a few challenges to overcome. Fortunately, there are five Ag Leader DirectCommand ISOBUS liquid control tools from that can help remedy many of these pressing topics.

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