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Oct, 31 2017 - by Ag Leader

Five Reasons Why You Need a Guidance System

5 Reasons You Need a Guidance System

Are you on the fence about adding a guidance system to your operation? With options ranging from an entry-level assisted steering system, all the way to a fully integrated steering system, it’s worth taking a look at. Here are five reasons why.

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Sep, 27 2017 - by Sam Worley

Which Weighing Device are you using to calibrate?

As you may know, InCommand™ displays can now get you quality, actionable yield data in one or two calibration loads.

We’re all familiar with the term garbage in, garbage out, right? Accurate actual weights are particularly important now when calibrating with fewer loads because weighing inaccuracies don’t average out over many loads.

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Sep, 22 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

Back to Basics in the Combine

I have been around combines since I was a kid, and one of the things I learned early on from my father was the importance of setting the combine properly. The amount of crop that is wasted from improper combine settings or operation can be sickening. Real dollars get thrown away through the threshing and cleaning systems of ALL combines every year.

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Ag Leader

Feb, 21 2017 - by Sam Worley

InCommand 1200: A window into your planter, part I

Everyone knows planting an ideal population is key to ROI and you are losing big money per acre by not hitting your proper population. Several factors come into play to sap spacing quality and singulation but are you readily aware of how your planter is performing? In this blog series I'll discuss how InCommand 1200 yields visibility into your planter like nothing else.

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