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Nov, 21 2017 - by Ag Leader

5 reasons to be thankful for precision

Looking back, it’s hard to remember a time when precision technology didn’t influence farming in one form or another. But, it really hasn’t been all that long since the first piece of precision landed on the farm. Ag Leader introduced the first commercially successful on-the-go yield monitor just 25 years ago, after all. So, during this time of gathering to give thanks, let’s take a look at 5 reasons we’re thankful for precision technology.

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Oct, 31 2017 - by Ag Leader

Five Reasons Why You Need a Guidance System

5 Reasons You Need a Guidance System

Are you on the fence about adding a guidance system to your operation? With options ranging from an entry-level assisted steering system, all the way to a fully integrated steering system, it’s worth taking a look at. Here are five reasons why.

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Sep, 25 2017 - by Ag Leader

Introducing Tech My Farm Winners - The Howells!

Meet the Howell Family of Danville, Ohio! They’re the winners of Ag Leader’s Tech My Farm Giveaway, receiving $25,000 in Ag Leader equipment. For the next year, we will follow this deserving family on their journey to learn about and utilize precision farming technology on their operation.

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Ag Leader

Aug, 08 2017 - by Ag Leader

Ag Leader Announces Global Satellite Network Option, TerraStar-L

AMES, Iowa, August 8, 2017 –  Today, Ag Leader® announced its GPS 6500 receivers will support TerraStar-L, a globally available, dual-frequency correction for growers who require a repeatable differential source. TerraStar-L provides 6-8-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and 15-inch repeatable accuracy with a 5-minute convergence time. 

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Ag Leader

Jun, 08 2016 - by Sam Worley

Ag Leader Offers Precision Solutions for CLAAS Forage Harvesters

Ames, Iowa, June 8, 2016 - Today, Ag Leader Technology, a leader in precision farming hardware and software solutions, announced its precision solutions are now available for use on CLAAS forage harvesters. Operators will gain visibility into yield and moisture information through real-time mapping on Ag Leader’s InCommand™ display, convenient data management through AgFiniti® and integrated machine guidance using SteerCommand™.

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May, 22 2015 - by Luke Bunkers

Simple, Mobile, User-Friendly Base Station Setup

The GPS 6500/relay Base Station has the easiest setup to date! Setup no longer requires juggling cables, laptops, serial adapters and serial settings. With the 6500 Base Station all that is needed to connect and configure base station settings is a Wi-Fi connected device with a web browser. That means phones, laptops, and even tablets can be used!

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Mar, 17 2015 - by Seth Schrader

Don’t Forget to Manage Your Guidance Lines!

During the cold winter months is it easy to think that field work is a long time away. However the truth is the cold, ice and snow will soon be gone and it will be time to get back in the fields before we know it. There are several steps that can be taken now to ensure a smooth and productive year. Steps that aren’t usually overlooked are getting the planter and tractor ready, ordering seed, fertilizer, chemicals, etc. However one preparation task that can be missed is spending some time managing your guidance lines. 

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