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Sep, 29 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

The Decision Blind Spot

Have you ever looked over your shoulder while driving and started to change lanes to suddenly hear a horn blaring from a neighboring vehicle? You’ve experienced the infamous “blind spot.” The blind spot is an area that blocks the drivers field of view so that what may be there cannot be seen.

Farm information may contain a decision blind spot if not managed and understood properly.

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Ag Leader

Jun, 08 2016 - by Sam Worley

Ag Leader Offers Precision Solutions for CLAAS Forage Harvesters

Ames, Iowa, June 8, 2016 - Today, Ag Leader Technology, a leader in precision farming hardware and software solutions, announced its precision solutions are now available for use on CLAAS forage harvesters. Operators will gain visibility into yield and moisture information through real-time mapping on Ag Leader’s InCommand™ display, convenient data management through AgFiniti® and integrated machine guidance using SteerCommand™.

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Feb, 22 2016 - by Jessica Ahrens

Be more efficient this year with Spring Customer Training

Spring is quickly approaching, which means it's time to be thinking about what prep work can be done while the weather is still chilly to make the busy planting season less stressful. 

Is your display ready to use? Do you have your field names, boundaries, guidance patterns and prescriptions ready? Have you created a new season in the display? How do you build a planting configuration?

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Sep, 14 2015 - by Kaleb Lindquist

Let AgFiniti Simplify Your Harvest Season!

Harvest is a busy time of year; your thoughts are in a million places and you have to keep track of a multitude of different things. What field do we move to next? How many more loads until that bin is full? Is the truck going to be back in time? The last thing you want to have to worry about is… did I get my yield data?

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Nov, 20 2014 - by Luke James

Value of Data – Learning from 2014 to better 2015

As you begin wrapping up the year and looking forward to 2015, have you asked yourself, what did I learn from 2014? How can I use what I learned to increase my profitability in 2015? What caught your eye on a yield map? Did you notice a correlation to yield from varied fertilizer rates? When comparing yield maps from year to year, do you notice consistent yield trends? You’ve probably noted many things throughout the year, but the big question is, what are you going to do about it?

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Oct, 16 2014 - by Adam Walters

Operation: Soil Sampling

Whether the rain is slowing the harvest season for us or not, we need to be thinking ahead to the post-harvest activities that will play an important role in next year’s crop.

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