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Ag Leader

Sep, 22 2015 - by Kaleb Lindquist

Manage your Farm’s drainage with Ag Leader

This summer has been an interesting one to say the least. As the fall months quickly sneak up on us, many are reflecting on the wet season that plagued some widespread regions across the US. Most of these reflections should include thoughts of improving your fields performance; what better way to accomplish this than through drainage tile?

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Water Management

Nov, 03 2014 - by Luke Bunkers

Tiling is upon us – are you ready?

With harvest in full swing, it is time to start thinking about preparing for tile planning and installation.  From checking tiling hardware and controllers to designing and creating tile plans, both can save time and headaches while in the field.  Below are a few items to keep in mind when starting to prepare for tile season.

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May, 28 2014 - by Jessica Ahrens

Webinars on Water Management for Your Convenience

We have had great feedback from our SMS Advanced customers that are using the optional Water Management Module, but we also hear questions from potential users ranging from “What is this module?” to “How can this help me create valid tile installation plans?” To help answer those questions, we will be hosting 3 free webinars this summer that cover the core functionality of the Water Management Module. 


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Nov, 19 2013 - by Jason Copeland

Topography Mapping

The arrival of Ag Leader® Integra and Versa™ firmware version 4.5 brought with it the ability to create a dedicated Topography map. With this new feature a topography map, which is basically an elevation map, can be generated while the display is in any operating mode, such as tillage, planting, application, etc. These topo maps can be very beneficial for creating and installing tile runs using the Intellislope tile plow control system, and are now easily obtainable right from the display!

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