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Sep, 29 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

The Decision Blind Spot

Have you ever looked over your shoulder while driving and started to change lanes to suddenly hear a horn blaring from a neighboring vehicle? You’ve experienced the infamous “blind spot.” The blind spot is an area that blocks the drivers field of view so that what may be there cannot be seen.

Farm information may contain a decision blind spot if not managed and understood properly.

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Sep, 25 2017 - by Ag Leader

Introducing Tech My Farm Winners - The Howells!

Meet the Howell Family of Danville, Ohio! They’re the winners of Ag Leader’s Tech My Farm Giveaway, receiving $25,000 in Ag Leader equipment. For the next year, we will follow this deserving family on their journey to learn about and utilize precision farming technology on their operation.

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Sep, 22 2017 - by Chad Swindoll

Back to Basics in the Combine

I have been around combines since I was a kid, and one of the things I learned early on from my father was the importance of setting the combine properly. The amount of crop that is wasted from improper combine settings or operation can be sickening. Real dollars get thrown away through the threshing and cleaning systems of ALL combines every year.

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Sep, 18 2017 - by Sam Worley

Five Tips for a Smooth Harvest

Believe it or not, fall harvest season is right around the corner for many of you. If I were to guess, you probably fall into one of two camps - you have either fully embraced the looming season and have already gotten your combine out and prepped, or you're grasping onto the last few days of summer and ignoring the changing color of your fields. Either way, it's important to make sure your Ag Leader yield monitor is feeling its best before hitting the fields this fall. We've put together 5 easy steps that will help you have a smooth season.

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Aug, 22 2017 - by Ag Leader

Harvest Enhancements - Your Questions Answered

Yield monitoring with our InCommand™ displays is now faster and easier to use! While our yield monitor has always set the standard for accuracy, we realized growers were cutting corners on their yield monitor calibration. Ag Leader is pleased to announce an improved calibration algorithm for InCommand displays that allows growers to cut the required calibration loads in half and achieve the same accuracy as before!

What does this mean for your yield monitoring experience? Here are some common questions answered.

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Ag Leader

Aug, 18 2017 - by Jessica Ahrens

Get up to speed for Harvest this season

With all of the advancements Ag Leader has made to on-the-go yield monitoring over the past 25 years, one thing has been paramount to our mission since the beginning – accuracy. As you’ve seen in our recent posts, the InCommand™ display now makes getting the Ag Leader accuracy you trust even easier with a simplified calibration process.

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Mar, 10 2017 - by Sam Worley

Forage Yield Monitoring like never before

Late last year, we set out to improve the yield monitor experience on the market’s most popular forage harvester. We felt we could leverage our 25 years of yield monitoring expertise to bring high-resolution, quality yield data to forage harvest operations. The objective? To allow growers to have clear, actionable data when it comes to forage yield crops.

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