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Data Management Simplified

by Sam Worley on August, 17 2012 in Displays

Here at Ag Leader, we’re always looking to knock down barriers to information management. To that end, the new data format .agsetup and .agdata for the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays released in version 3.0 increases compatibility and streamlines data management.

Some benefits and features include:

.agsetup files can be created and/or read from displays or SMS alike.

.agsetup allows for full synchronization of setup data despite display type or firmware (any Ag Leader Integra or Versa display with 3.x platform.) This includes data items such as:

  • Growers, farms, fields, seasons, operators
  • Products and product mixes
  • Boundaries
  • Guidance patterns (with the exception of SmartPath patterns)
  • Marker and market sets
  • Configurations and equipment

.agdata encompasses all the data needed to archive in SMS, this includes:

  • Logged data
  • Equipment used
  • Products used
  • Guidance patterns
  • Marks logged
  • Boundaries created

“Legacy” file types are still supported for cross compatibility with EDGE and InSight displays such as:

  • .pat
  • .iby
  • .irx
  • .shp

.ref, .msf file extensions are replaced by .agsetup and are no longer supported in version 3.  

Importing .agsetup files and conflict resolution To import an .agsetup file, from the run screen browse to select the file from the USB drive.

The .agsetup file will not overwrite data, only add to existing information.

A conflict arises when item names are duplicated in both the display and the .agsetup file. Examples of duplicate items can include Grower Names, Fields, Configurations, Crop Seasons, etc. 

To resolve a conflict, there are typically three options in the conflict resolution screen:

  • Rename Imported - renames imported and leaves existing
  • Rename Existing - renames existing and leaves imported file as is
  • Merge (when possible) - combines the two objects into a single item

When creating multiple display arrangements, it is best to create setup items on one display or in SMS to avoid import conflicts.

Sam Worley

Sam has been with Ag Leader since August 2010 and became the Marketing Product Specialist in the winter of 2014. Sam helps with various marketing duties such as website maintenance, product catalog development and other tasks. He also works to provide timely technical information to Ag Leader dealers and customers and manages Knowledgebase content. Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Sam was influenced by agriculture early on with visits to his grandpa’s farm. Growing up he continued with that interest, working on neighboring forage and dairy farms, taking agri-science classes and FFA involvement. Sam graduated from Iowa State University in December 2009 with a degree in Agricultural Business. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, wrenching and spending time with friends.

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