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Application Documentation Simplified

by Anna Ehlers on July, 15 2019 in DirectCommand™, Displays

Documentation is the last thing you have time for during the busy application season. So, let the InCommand® 1200 display do it for you!

Simplified application reporting is possible, for both liquid and granular products, with detailed SmartReports ™ from your InCommand 1200 display.

Satisfy government record keeping by easily sending reports from the display to store and view on any web-enabled mobile device with AgFiniti®.

What are Smart Reports? 

  • Generate PDF reports automatically when leaving the field that can be saved, emailed or printed.
  • Reports provide location, product information, applied totals, field areas, as-applied maps and field boundaries. 
  • Enter basic information about weather, soil conditions, products used, etc. 
  • Requires no additional software. 


Learn more about InCommand 1200 here, or talk with a local Ag Leader dealer.