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Sharing Guidance Lines Between Displays

by Isaac Bowers on June, 20 2012 in SMS™ Software

Guidance products have come a long ways since I first started working at Ag Leader.  Stand-alone lightbars were a big topic for discussion at that time.  Fast forward to today and many companies now offer assisted steering solutions up to fully integrated hydraulic solutions.  Guidance products have become an increasingly important part of the farming operation and can be used in almost every pass through the field.

If the guidance product solutions you own are a mixed fleet like the tractors that we have on my parent’s farm, it is helpful to have a desktop software package that you can manage those guidance lines and convert them to the different formats.  This becomes increasingly important when you are trying to move your farm to controlled traffic or if you want to have guidance for spraying or fertilizing operations after planting.  The SMS Basic/Advanced software package has the ability to create, import, manage, and convert or export guidance lines between many displays.  Here are a few quick reminders on how to read in files, create guidance lines, and export them out to supported displays.

Reading in files from your display

To bring your guidance lines into SMS, you can go to File – Read Files – Read File(s) from a Supported Field Display or Monitor just as if you were reading any of your other logged data from display.  As of today, SMS Basic/Advanced Version 12.0 can read in guidance lines from the following companies: 

  • Ag Leader Technology
  • AutoFarm
  • Case IH
  • Hardi
  • Hemisphere GPS (Outback)
  • John Deere
  • Kinze, Mid-Tech
  • New Holland
  • Trimble

Creating guidance lines

To create a guidance line in SMS, you can create a map of a reference layer, such as a boundary, and then go to File – New – Guidance Layer.

In the SMS Basic/Advanced Version 12.0 editor, you’ll have the option to create straight AB lines.  Here is a screen shot of some of the options available:

SMS also has the ability to create headland passes.  While not all displays support this type of pattern, they can be useful to reference when planning a field

Exporting guidance lines

Exporting guidance lines that were either created in the SMS Basic/Advanced software or read in from another display can be exported by using Device Setup Utility found by going to Tools – Device Setup Utility.  This is the same tool that we use to export Field Names, Boundaries, Product Names, and Prescriptions out to the different displays on the market.  SMS Basic/Advanced is able to export guidance lines to the same displays that we have the ability to read from.


Isaac Bowers

Isaac Bowers is Ag Leader’s Software Support and Training Supervisor. In this role, he supervises the department that supports and trains users on SMS Desktop and SMS Mobile software programs. Isaac is originally from Iowa and received a degree in Ag Systems Technology from Iowa State University. He enjoys helping out on the family farm, running and fishing.

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We currently have 8 Insights with Trimble 262, 252, or 432 receivers.  We are considering upgrading to Integra with either the Geosteer or Paradyme receivers.  Will the A-B lines be the exact same between both systems or will they be off.  I know that John Deere calculates their North setting different than Trimble, but I am unsure if Trimble and Agleader calculate theirs in the same manor.  We will have to do the transition from Trimble to Agleader over a few years, so my A-B lines need to be the same for both receivers.

Levi Smith on Jan 22, 2014

Hi, Levi-
Thank you for your question. I’m so glad you’re looking to switch to Ag Leader! We calculate North the same way Trimble does, so the transition between receivers should be very easy.

Thanks again!

Ag Leader on Jan 22, 2014

We are currently planting corn with using John Deere Autotrac RTK with a Starfire 3000 receiver and 2630 display. We are considering purchasing a Hagie Sprayer that is Ag Leader ready. Would I be able to transfer our lines from the John Deere System to the sprayer equipped with Paradyme and with a Integra display without any issues?


Jacob Rothert on Apr 03, 2014

Hi, Jacob. Thanks for your question! To transfer guidance lines from the 2630 into the Ag Leader Integra display, you will have to take them through a mapping program like SMS and export them through an agsetup file. Then, you should be able to upload them to your Ag Leader Integra display.

Ag Leader on Apr 04, 2014

We currently run integra displays with paradyme guidance in all of our equipment, we have just purchased a 4830 jd sprayer with 2630 display as controller. We plan to run gps stream to 2630 for section control, but I’m wondering if I can send data back to integra for logging through product control module like I have always done with raven controller on our gold acres boom spray. Any thoughts on how to set this up would be appreciated.
Regards Steve.

Steve on May 30, 2014

We largely use the John Deere system. We do our own tiling using Intellislope. Typically we document a flag line on the 2630 while tiling so we have that data fo whatever purpose. Including working the tile ditches for a few years. For whatever reason we didn’t get a couple fields documented.
Do you know the proper procedure for importing tile maps from the Intellislope utilities program into apex?  I would like to do it as a flag layer. However, I only seem to manage to do it as a management zone, and then have to create a background map. And the line shows up as ten feet wide on my map on the 2630. Also inaccurate

Thank you for any help

Dean Werries on Oct 07, 2015

Currently running an Auto Farm A5 in our seeding tractors and want to get the same lines to our case sprayer with a pro700.
Im not sure how to achieve this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ed on Mar 08, 2017

Thanks for your question, Ed. One consideration when sharing guidance
lines between two different systems is to know how they compute north - be it magnetic North or true North - as it may vary between systems. Unfortunately, neither of those are Ag Leader products, so we cannot speak to that on the A5 or CNH system. You may get the best answer from your local equipment dealer.

However, once you know if the two systems use the same heading algorithm,
our SMS software can help you import, manage and export these guidance

Sam Worley on Mar 08, 2017

I have 1,030 acres of ground that’s been Striptilled with a Trimble FMX display. Is it possible to move all those guidance lines to a Greenstar 2630 for planting?

Lance Schmidt on Apr 27, 2017

Thank you for your comment, Lance. Unfortunately, neither of those are Ag Leader products, so we cannot speak to them. You may get the best answer from your local equipment dealer.
However, once you know if the two systems use the same heading algorithm, our SMS Software can help you import, manage and export these guidance lines.

Ag Leader on Apr 28, 2017

Striptill with 2630 RTK
Can I transfer RTK lines to my Case running pro 700

Kyle on Oct 10, 2017

Hi, I have a Fendt Tractor that has mapped all of the boundaries and the A-B Lines. I now want to move these to my Ag leader Integra screen in my sprayer.  What format does the Integra screen use?


Jamie on Oct 16, 2017

Hi Jamie,
The Ag Leader Integra exports and accepts .agsetup files. The updated version of this blog may prove to be a useful read:
Please let us know if you need further assistance at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Thank you,
Ag Leader

Ag Leader on Oct 16, 2017

I use an integra screen on my tractor.  My harvest contractor uses greenstar and asks me for the headings readings.  Is this possible?

Paul McNulty on Nov 05, 2017

Hi Paul,
Ag Leader and John Deere calculate “True North” differently, though the heading should be standardized across both systems. It should work to share and manually input headings for guidance purposes between the two machines.
Thank you,
Ag Leader

Ag Leader on Nov 08, 2017

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