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by Sam Worley on December, 06 2018 in Ag Leader

Recently our Technical Support department, with input from the whole team, embarked on recreating their workspace for their dynamic roles. 

Before, the workspace was arranged in rows of workspaces typically arranged by a team or group. Though it did afford a reasonable amount of privacy and sound insulation, it was not as conducive to interaction.

We had a traditional cubicle structure for a long time and were looking to mix things up. This new layout provides a nontraditional setup that allows for easier communication and collaboration. - Tyler Anderson

The goals and objectives the department used to settle on this new layout include:

• Promote Open Conversations and Approachability
• Collaborative Environment
• Flexibility
• Acoustics
• Resources Accessibility
• Cost

Moving to an open seating concept allows for greater collaboration among our team and more accessible test stands. I feel like it's literally torn down barriers in our communication! - Kara Nelson







Technical Support would also like to thank our maintenance staff, Josh Kokemiller and Dan Montgomery, for doing all the heavy lifting of this project to make it a reality. With their help, this project had zero impact on customer service.

The Technical Support department creatively brainstorms ways to serve and build relationships with each other, our customers and our dealers. The new layout is a testament to opening intra-department communication.

Sam Worley

Sam has been with Ag Leader since August 2010 and became the Marketing Product Specialist in the winter of 2014. Sam helps with various marketing duties such as website maintenance, product catalog development and other tasks. He also works to provide timely technical information to Ag Leader dealers and customers and manages Knowledgebase content. Originally from Champaign, Illinois, Sam was influenced by agriculture early on with visits to his grandpa’s farm. Growing up he continued with that interest, working on neighboring forage and dairy farms, taking agri-science classes and FFA involvement. Sam graduated from Iowa State University in December 2009 with a degree in Agricultural Business. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, wrenching and spending time with friends.

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