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We Are Ag Leader - Preston Burns

by Marisa Kuha on March, 22 2018 in Ag Leader, Hide from RSS, International Perspectives, Australia

Our dedicated dealer network is the backbone of our company. Take a second to meet some of the local precision experts across the country, and around the world. 

What is your name, position, dealership & location: Preston Burns, Director of Burns Precision Ag - located in Parkes NSW.

How long have you been selling Ag Leader products? I have been selling Ag Leader products for the last 7 months.

What’s your favorite thing about selling precision ag products? My favorite thing about selling Ag Leader products is simply the fact that it works, and it is adaptable to any brand or colour machine.

What do you enjoy about working with Ag Leader? The thing I like most about working with Ag Leader is the shared passion throughout the dealer network, we work as one team.

In five years, the new, hot precision ag product on the market will be…. sensors mounted to equipment which will map on-the-go similar to the concept of OptRx sensors.

How can people follow your company? People can visit us on Twitter @burnsprecision