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What’s New in 5.2?

by Nick Hageman on March, 04 2014 in Ag Leader, Displays

February 12, 2014 we released our latest firmware of 5.2. There are a lot of updates and improvements in the latest firmware and no matter your operation, there will be a feature you will enjoy! The first thing that you will notice about 5.2 is the home screen has changed. It has a green backdrop, but that is just the beginning! We have added tabs that make adjusting the operation more convenient. We can now change operators, configurations, fields, products, and rates, straight from the home screen. Also, we can access our grower/farm/field and configuration settings by selecting the wrench next to the tabs. As you can see in the picture, we have made the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa home screens to be a quick access screen.

In the new 5.2 firmware we added "Events". So when loading the run screen we have two options. There is the traditional method, which allows us to select a grower, farm, and field. This is similar to previous firmwares.  With 5.2 we can de-select “Enable Management” on the grower, farm, and field selection page. This will take us to event mode. This mode is going to be most convenient for custom applicators that do not want to log data to a specific field.  Event mode allows data logging without being tied to a specific grower, farm, or field. This mode will allow operators to load the run screen with fewer button presses, and may be a nice feature for some operators. 

Another new optional feature that was added is headlands. Headlands is not completely new, we saw this feature in 4.5, but 5.2 added to what we can do with it. In 4.5, we had the feature of a countdown alarm that told us when we are going to enter our headlands. We can also make AutoSwath work in different portions of the field. In order for section control in these designated areas, we need to have an active area. We can set this to All, Work Area, or Headlands. For an example, if we have the active area set to “Headlands” then the planter will plant only in the area within the headlands. The area defined as a headland is adjustable, and can be created by the display, or an operator can drive the boundary he wants to define as the headland. When making the headlands in the display, the operator will tell the display if the headlands run all around the field or just at top and bottom of the field. Once choosen, we can adjust the size of the headlands by entering the number of implement widths or enter an exact distance from the outer boundary to the headland boundary. This optiont can help operators keep their field mapped more accurately and cut back on overlap.

Another new feature is managing guidance patterns. In the new 5.2 firmware we have the ability to group guidance patterns together. We can group these patterns by field, and maneuver between different patterns that are created. In the photo, the guidance line has a time and date stamp to it. If these are hard to keep track of, the operator can rename these lines to whatever they would like. This feature allows you to move from adaptive curve, identical curve, straight path, or pivot guidance lines without having to load the new guidance line into the display. This function will be most convenient for growers that use multiple lines in one field.

For a lot of people, myself included, it may feel like winter is never going to end. But the calendar says March, so hopefully that means warmer weather is fast approaching. If you find a warm day, hopefully you can get your implements, and precision ag equipment ready for spring. I would recommend upgrading to 5.2 before spring, as well as making a backup of the display before the season starts. I hope everyone has a safe and successful planting season and enjoy 5.2 firmware!


Will you be able to plant your normal swaths & then plant the headlands?
We currently plant our headlands & then come in with auto swath to plant the rest of the field, but we find that we get poorer emergence because of the traffic on the already planted headlands.

Jacob Van Der Westhuizen on Mar 05, 2014

Thanks for your questions, Jacob!
Yes, you can plant your normal swaths in the center of the field first. In order to do so, you can set your “Active Area” to “Work Area.” When you come into the headlands area, the sections will shut off. Then you can come back and plant the headlands after the rest of the field, and it will likely help your emergence. They key to doing this is setting up your headlands in the display in how you like and AutoSwath will take care of the rest.
If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Ag Leader on Mar 06, 2014

Is there a way to move or aliagn a field boundary when it has drifted when you come back to a field at a later date?

keith on Mar 07, 2014

Hello Keith!
Generally we do not see boundaries drift a lot. If you are having an issue with the boundary area, we have a couple of options to adjust the boundary to where you would like. The first option is to export the boundary to SMS and adjust the boundary on the software. The second way would be to delete the boundary from the display and create a new one. Currently, once the boundary is in the display, there is no place to adjust it from within the display. Hopefully you find this helpful, and if you need anything else, just ask!

Ag Leader on Mar 11, 2014

Well I think that we need to have that option when field boundaries drift. Muller Track Guide 2 has that, when we come to the field and see that we must go 1-2 meters left or right from 2 month old trace then we need the option to start working and press button and all lines should then start from that “new” moved line. It is a must because GPS sattelites are different every day.

Marko on Apr 06, 2014

I am wondering with this headland setup if the headland needs to be the same width on each end of the field or on the edge of a grass water way.

I have fields with grass water ways that I plant a couple head land passes to keep from encrouching on the grass water way, but the head lands at the end of the field is 4 passes.  Also I have fields that are odd shaped and may have two or more head lands on one end of the field.

Ben Carpenter - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) -

Ben Carpenter on Apr 13, 2014

Good Question Ben,
When you create the headlands in the display, it will create all the headlands areas the same width. In your situation, I would recommend driving the headlands to mark your own lines. This will allow you to have different widths on your headlands customized to your field. If you have any questions on creating or marking your headland areas, I would recommend calling technical support at 515-232-5363.

Ag Leader on Apr 14, 2014

Sound good to me to drive and mark the headlands, but it bring up some other questions.

When driving and marking the head lands do I need the planter attached, because our row shut off module is on the planter?  Is there an off set much like there was when we created boundaries?

Is there a way this info can be generated in SMS in as much as we have boundaries set for all fields?

This concept sounds like I could plant the field first then the head lands much like Jacob above was wondering about.

In the past we have planted head lands first and had to turn around on them, but the row shutoffs worked fine and we had little or no carry over of rows into head land area.

Ben Carpenter - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) -

Ben Carpenter on Apr 14, 2014

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