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Data Management

Data collected from precision ag has immense value for making the correct management decisions.


Protect your seed investment by being in control of how much seed you plant and where it's planted.


On-the-go yield monitoring, in-depth performance analysis, highly accurate data collecting and more.


Ensure that your application process is as efficient and profitable as possible by applying at the correct rates.

Water Management

Water is crucial for crops. Manage it with the same precision as the rest of your operation.

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What is OptRx?

Sam Worley - 05/21/15

OptRx crop sensors measure and record data about crop health in real-time using the reflectance of light emitted on the growing plants. The OptRx system then determines the vigor of the crop (Vegetative Index).

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Crop Insurance Reporting Made Simple

Luke James - 05/18/15

Looking for a more efficient method for crop insurance reporting this year? Why not use your precision ag data? It contains all the important details required for reporting such as planting dates, crops and acres.

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