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Data Management

Data collected from precision ag has immense value for making the correct management decisions.


Protect your seed investment by being in control of how much seed you plant and where it's planted.


On-the-go yield monitoring, in-depth performance analysis, highly accurate data collecting and more.


Ensure that your application process is as efficient and profitable as possible by applying at the correct rates.

Water Management

Water is crucial for crops. Manage it with the same precision as the rest of your operation.

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Brush up on your GPS and guidance terms!

Ag Leader - 05/10/19

Just like any technology, precision ag can be a very technical, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the acronyms and terms being tossed around. Talking with a dealer or with our tech support may have left you scratching your head over the lingo used. Here’s a chance to brush up on your GPS and guidance terminology - who knows, you might just impress someone with your knowledge!

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