Sectional Control

SeedCommand's AutoSwath™ feature offers sectional control by automatically turning planter sections on or off row-by-row based on field maps and already-seeded areas.

Reduce overplanting with SeedCommand

AutoSwath benefits

Automatically turns planter rows on/off based on field maps and already-seeded areas. If row shutoffs are not present on the planter, we offer low maintenance, easy-to-install automatic row shutoffs to equip your planter.

  • Eliminates double planting at end rows, point rows and around terraces.
  • Makes following the row at harvest easier when navigating end rows.
  • Improves planting productivity by eliminating the need to slow down to accurately raise or lower the planter at end rows.
  • Makes night planting easier by eliminating the need to watch for end rows.
  • Reduces lodging at point rows, resulting in increased yield.

AutoSwath™ for Planters and Air Seeder Carts

AutoSwath For Planters

AutoSwath automatically turns planter row shutoffs on/off based on field maps and already-planted areas. 

AutoSwath For Air Seeder Carts

AutoSwath controls seed flow and applies seed in proper locations preventing skips and overlap.

Automatic Shutoff for chain-driven or vacuum planters

If clutches aren't present on your planter, equip it with SureStop or SureVac.

SureStop® Clutches

SureStop electric clutches are designed for chain-drive seed meters.

SureVac™ Shutoffs

SureVac electric row shutoffs are compatible with John Deere vacuum planters.

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