Plot Prescription Module

The Plot Prescription Module allows you to strategically place and define in-field research plots in the office and use these plot prescriptions to plant in the field. 

Crop Scouting

Precise Plot Placement

Use cooperator’s precision farming data from any display to build a field profile. Use yield, application, soil survey and 3D layers to help place plots. By utilizing SMS’ ability to import these layers, you will have greater awareness of the in-field variances that can affect yield.

Buffering Tools

Use buffer tools to show setback distances for pollination isolation to neighboring crops and fields.

Plot Settings

When defining plot parameters, you can input the number of rows per plot, field width and depth, base trip and alley length, and row spacing.

Export Plot

Once plots have been created, they can be exported to the ALMACO SeedPro 360 display, or exported as a shape or KML/KMZ file to share with others.