After many long hours of hard work - planning, planting and applying - you are ready to reap the rewards at harvest. But why wait to see the results when harvest is completed? See what's happening in real-time as your combine moves through the field.  

The Best Just Got Better

Shorten your harvest routine with the NEW calibration process!


We recognize time is of the essence when there's crop to be harvested. Reducing calibration loads needed to get accurate yield data allows you to be more efficient in the field. Don't cut corners when it comes to the quality of your yield data - get InCommand of your operation!

Cut your calibration loads in half while still collecting actionable yield data with InCommand® displays' simplified calibration process, all while producing trustworthy data to make informed management decisions.

Yield Monitoring

Observe how field conditions affect yield.

Instantly see yields as you go across the field. Ag Leader provides the most widely used grain yield monitoring technology in the world. Observe how field conditions affect yield, then create and view yield maps to make plans for the next season.

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Decision-making information, easier than ever

Why wait until after harvest to know how the season went?

AgFiniti® Mobile

Wirelessly connect your InCommand display to your iPad® with the free AgFiniti Mobile App. Leave the cab and know that the information you need to make decisions is in your hand. Internet not required.

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Need to easily share coverage maps, harvest summary totals and guidance lines between multiple InCommand displays?

With DisplayCast®, all your displays share the same information across the farm. Have guidance lines, as-planted maps, configurations and more from all your displays in the combine, whether they’re actively being used or not.

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Additional Resources For Greater Productivity

SMS™ Basic Software 

  • Analyze harvest data by field area, application records, as-planted maps, etc.
  • Overlay hybrid/variety maps with harvest maps to determine yield performance.
  • Review yield performance by year.
  • Compare yield maps with other field operations to determine how field activities affected yield across the field.
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SteerCommand® with GPS 6500 Automated Steering

Reduce operator fatigue with the SteerCommand automated steering system. It's the latest automatic steering technology from Ag Leader and is the ideal system for your combine, tractor or any other vehicle.  

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