Ag Leader Free Webinars 

Free Webinars

Ag Leader has free  introductory webinars available for SMS Basic, SMS Advanced, Water Management and AgFiniti. These courses are designed to provide you with a basic understanding of the most commonly used tools in the SMS Software and how you can use them in your operation to analyze your data and make more informed management decisions. Use the links below to watch any of these webinars. 

Free Introduction to SMS™ Basic

To help you learn more about the SMS Basic Software, Ag Leader offers this online resource to help you understand how to use the key tools provided in SMS Basic and Advanced Desktop Software. The SMS Getting Started Guide will walk you through all of the tools that are covered in this webinar. 


Free Introduction to SMS™ Advanced

For our customers with SMS Advanced, or anyone interested in advanced data management software, Ag Leader offers this online broadcast to build on the knowledge gained in the Introduction to SMS webinar and help you understand how to use the key tools provided in the SMS Advanced Desktop Software. For more details on the functionality available in the SMS Advanced Software, please review the SMS Getting Started Guide and Key Differences between SMS Basic and SMS Advanced documents. 


Free Introduction to SMS™ Mobile

To help you learn more about the SMS Mobile Software, Ag Leader has a recorded webinar available for you to view below.  This video will help you understand how to use key features of the SMS Mobile Software. The SMS Mobile Quick Reference Sheets will help you when learning about the functionality available in the SMS Mobile Software. 


Free Introduction to the Water Management Module

Review this session to learn about the tools in the Water Management Module.  It covers importing and creating reference layers to use when building tile installation plans, creating new plans, editing existing plans, printing tile maps and reports and exporting tile installation plans to field displays.  


Free Introduction to AgFiniti® Webinars

Watch this session to learn about the tools in the AgFiniti web portal.  This video will cover how to wirelessly share data between your displays and the web portal, how to use the file transfer and sharing tools, how your data can be easily shared between the AgFiniti and the SMS Desktop Software and the Map View tools in AgFiniti.  


Additional SMS Resources

SMS Video Tutorials

Need help using the tools in the SMS Software? View the tutorial videos that cover key functionality of all the SMS and Data Management products. These videos take you step by step through running the software. The tutorials are available by clicking on the link below, as well as on the AgLeaderSMSTutorials YouTube channel. 


SMS Interactive Tool

Interested in learning new ways SMS can be used within your operation?  Unsure what questions to ask?  Check out Discover SMS to learn how SMS can be utilized more within your operation.  This interactive tool showcases videos detailing key features related to your occupation.  Occupations include Farming, Seed, Crop Consulting, Soil Sampling, Water Management, Service Providers and Insurance and Farm Management.  

***Note: The first version is only compatible with Google Chrome and Apple Safari web browsers (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox will not load the videos).  Future revisions will be compatible with additional web browsers.  

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Looking to expand you SMS knowledge even further? We have a full range of classroom and online trainings!

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