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2013 Kinze Seed Tube Sensor Changes

by Jan 24, 2013Displays

For model year 2013 Kinze planters, the standard seed tube sensors have been updated. The new sensors will allow for dual boot modes to be automatically determined upon startup.  The sensors will look for serial communication with a PMM and either start-up as a MUX-Bus sensor, or boot-up in “dumb” mode if PMM is not found and output pulses. 

For monitoring on their planters, Kinze offers the following options: KPM: Sensors use the KPM III monitor to have population, spacing, singulation, skips and doubles. PMM: Sensors connect to an Ag Leader PMM communicating with an Ag Leader display OR through an ISO PMM connected through VT and an ISO display. None: Planter will come with sensors installed but no planter monitor harness included. Harnessing is to be determined and installed by the dealer later. A common inquiry for tech support is how to retrofit Kinze planters to get Advanced Seed tube Monitoring (ASM) through the Ag Leader Seed Tube Monitor Module (STMM.) On 2013 MY Kinze planters, the process became a bit easier with having supported seed tube sensors. In addition, an Ag Leader display and cabling to the planter is needed along with:

  • A planter monitor harness or Ag Leader’s clutch control/seed tube monitor harness
  • An Ag Leader adapter cable part number 4003946-004 (one per row)
  • Ag Leader Seed Tube Monitor Module
  • Ag Leader Seed Tube Monitor adapter cable for Dickey John monitors

For Kinze planters before MY 2013, the list would be the same as above minus the 4003946-004 adapter cable but would also include:

  • Kinze’s dual boot seed tube and sensor, PN GA15287, applicable for both mechanical and EdgeVac meters.

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