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2021 SureForce™ and SureSpeed™ Side-By-Side Soybean Trial – Western IA

What We Were Testing For:

To evaluate the final stand between the Kinze 3600 with factory brush meters and the Kinze 3600 equipped with SureForce™ SureSpeed™. This side-by-side trial will allow us to evaluate population and singulation accuracy in the field between the two systems.

Brett evaluates soybean spacing in the 130,000 seeds/acre pass at this soybean SureSpeed trial.

This AgFiniti® map is showing the different row set-ups for the SureSpeed Side-by-Side. 

Trial Location:
Western Iowa

Products Tested:
Compare Kinze 3600 with factory brush meters and Kinze 3600 equipped with SureForce™ and SureSpeed™.

Crop Type:

Cropping Practice:
No-till into corn stalks

Early Season Findings:

Both planters generated a final stand that was close to the as planted population; surprisingly close. The low-tech planter was equipped with Kinze brush meters, which is known for performing well with soybeans. Establishing an accurate count and seed spacing quality is difficult at higher populations such as this. Both planters singulated and spaced the soybeans well, but the as-planted map shows that the low-tech planter struggled holding a consistent rate (see population map below).  

Brett provides more details on this trial’s spacing settings.

Additional Trial Information and Maps:

Agfiniti indicates the hydraulic drive planter was not able to hold the rate very well (see map below).

Iowa SureSpeed Trial Results

AgFiniti population map

Harvest Observations and Insights:

This field was planted with a flat rate of 130K seeds/acre. The SureSpeed planter did produce an additional 1/3 bushel per acre. However, seed spacing is less critical at higher populations, which may be why there isn’t a larger yield difference between the planters. Perhaps the most important lesson in this trial is that speed and productivity can be increased while planting, without sacrificing yield, which is evident in replication 1 and 2. 


This is a summarization of data collected in one year and represents only what happened across the tested field in 2021.  It is not a rigorous evaluation of factors that may or may not influence yield.  Results may not predict future performance and may not be complete.

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