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 2021 SureSpeed™ and SureForce™ Soybean Trial – WI

What We Were Testing For: 

To determine if yield goals can be maintained through enhanced planting practices, while using SureSpeed™ and SureForce™, at reduced soybean populations. The agronomy team will conduct in-season visits to evaluate emergence and seedling depth to capture insights during the 2021 growing season. Yield data will be collected at harvest to determine how yield goals can be maintained through lower soybean populations.

Early Season Findings: 

The day that this field was planted the soil temp at 2 inches at 9:00 am was 48 degrees (see images below).  Soybean emergence was variable across all treatments which isn’t surprising because of the dry soil conditions and ground temperature influencing germination. It’s important to note that when soil residue isn’t distributed uniformly across a field the seed planted in heavier residue is generally later emerging while those seeds planted in light residue emerge quicker because of soil temperature’s warmer in those areas, which was also the case in this field. This trial should give us great insights as to how conditions at planting and emergence will influence the yield results across these different soybean populations. Check back this fall for the final yield results and summary. 


Soil Temperature taken at 9am on May 11th, 2021 at 2 inches. 

This map shows the population treatments of this trial in AgFiniti®. The population blocks were planted with 6 population treatments starting at 140,000 plants/acre to 60,000 plants/acre.

Trial Location:
Southwest Wisconsin 

Products Tested:
SureSpeed™ and SureForce™ 

Crop Type:

Cropping Practice:

Outlying Factors: 

Weather has been a factor from the start this year for many across the country, including this soybean field.  Look at the minimum air temperatures that this field has experienced since being planted on May 11.    

The morning of May 11th when the Tech Trial was planted. Conditions were cooler than expected, as shown above by the frost covering the pick-ups Tonneau cover. 

Additional Trial Information and Maps:

The following weather information is provided by an on-site Arable weather station.

Harvest Observations and Results:

Unfortunately, data from this trial was deemed inconclusive. As mentioned from the early season observations, the soybean emergence in this trial had a great amount of variability due to dry soil conditions and ground temperature influencing germination. The soybean population was further reduced by excessive rains this Spring, which rendered the trial results unusable. 

This is a summarization of data collected in one year and represents only what happened across the tested field in 2021.  It is not a rigorous evaluation of factors that may or may not influence yield.  Results may not predict future performance and may not be complete.

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