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3G/2G/1X End of Life Coming

by Oct 1, 2019Guidance & Steering

As some of you may know, Verizon will be sunsetting the 3G/2G/1x CDMA network in North America. Meaning, the 3G/2G/1x CDMA network for Correction by Cell, data services, internet in the cab, etc. are going away.

Ag Leader equipment that may be affected by the 3G EOL:

• ParaDyme®, GeoSteer® or GPS 6500 with CDMA Relays
• Third-party 3G/2G/1X modems (Verizon, other internet sources)

Keep in mind that networks other than Verizon have also set dates for their legacy signals to be phased out. Fortunately, there are a few upgrade routes to avoid disruption in service on your farm.


• Customers have the option to add a BR1 Mini 4G LTE modem from Ag Leader. The BR1 is a turn-key mobile internet hotspot that runs on Verizon and some other CDMA or GSM cell networks. The BR1 Mini powers up with the display and can provide both cellular NTRIP RTK access and internet in the cab for AgFiniti. This is capable through the InCommand display.

• Customers may choose to keep their ParaDyme, GeoSteer or GPS 6500 and receive RTK through the BR1 Mini and InCommand display via the external port.

• Customers may choose to operate their GPS 6500 with TerraStar-C instead of cellular RTK. Learn more about correction signal options here.

• Customer may choose to upgrade to the GPS 7500 receiver to utilize TerraStar-C Pro or TerraStar-X corrections.

BR1 Mini Modem with InCommand 1200 display

Competitive Trade-in Program to swap out CDMA hardware now until Oct. 31

Take advantage of our SteerCommand and DualTrac trade-in promo to get into compatible hardware. There are five trade-in options to best suit your needs. Learn more here.

Contact your local Ag Leader dealer to discuss options today.

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