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5 reasons to be thankful for precision

by Nov 21, 2017Ag Leader, DirectCommand®, Guidance & Steering, SeedCommand®

Looking back, it’s hard to remember a time when precision technology didn’t influence farming in one form or another. But, it really hasn’t been all that long since the first piece of precision landed on the farm. Ag Leader introduced the first commercially successful on-the-go yield monitor just 25 years ago, after all. So, during this time of gathering to give thanks, let’s take a look at 5 reasons we’re thankful for precision technology.


  • Higher crop productivity – This one is typically top of mind because a higher yield means more jingle in your pocket at the end of the day. Data analysis from today’s precision technology can show you exactly what areas of the fields are struggling so you can create an action plan. When you correct the low yielding areas, your crop productivity is sure to improve.
  • Better managed inputs – It’s no secret, inputs such as seed, fertilizer, and herbicide are expensive, and that’s just naming a few. When managing these inputs, gaps and overlaps cost you money, taking from your bottom line. Today’s precision technology not only identifies the gaps but eliminates them with technology like AutoSwath and turn compensation.
  • Farmer safety – You work long hours and sometimes are running on little rest. Late nights along with hours of driving through bumpy fields really takes a toll on you, and when you’re exhausted, your chance of accidents increases. Using a guidance system requires less physical effort, saving your energy and helping you stay alert in the cab.
  • More visibility into equipment performance – Gone are the days where you have to hope all rows of your planter are operating to your standards. Now, the technology is available to show each row’s performance and every skip or double that is dropped. No more waiting for fall harvest to identify a planting problem!
  • Better operation managementFull-farm connectivity is here to stay. Today’s technology not only allows you to sync multiple displays across your operation, and share guidance lines and coverage maps, but also to take your maps and other information with you when you leave the cab so you can access your information anytime, anywhere!

Of course, we are thankful for precision technology, but we would be remiss if we didn’t also give a Thanksgiving shout-out to all of our loyal customers and dealers. We appreciate you!

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