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Advanced NH3 Application

by Nov 13, 2018DirectCommand®

It's that time of the season – time to start thinking about applying anhydrous. And with continued tight margins, it is important to make sure the correct amount of product is applied to your field. Ag Leader has a solution for you with the technologically advanced DirectCommand® Liquid Product Control module. 

Are plugged or gummed up flow meters a sore subject for you during the NH3 season? The DirectCommand Liquid module can be set up to control anhydrous using feedback from a pressure sensor or a flow meter, giving further options for product control and saving you the expense of a high dollar flow meter. There is also the capability to add a temperature sensor in conjunction with the pressure sensor so the operator can check temperature and liquid/vapor product state, ensuring safe NH3 product application.

With anhydrous, it is also good to know when the product is in a liquid or vapor state because of the product volatility. One advantage of knowing the product state is that if it is in vapor form, commonly the tank could be running low and a replacement tank is needed. Additionally, when the product is in vapor form, it has the potential to damage the flow meter. In the picture below you can see the map screen gauge where green is liquid state and red is vapor state.


Yet another valuable feature in the DirectCommand liquid module is tube check. The tube check feature can be used to easily see if there are any application tubes plugged when the implement is raised, allowing you to remain in the safety of your cab.

There are three different methods the anhydrous can be applied; it can be applied in gallons per acre, pounds of NH3 per acre, or even pounds of nitrogen per acre. With whichever method you choose, you can be sure the correct amount of product is applied.


Don’t have an Ag Leader display? You’re missing out but in this case, it’s not a problem – the DirectCommand Liquid module can be used on any UT capable display!

There are many advantages to using an Ag Leader display, including: do you sometimes not agree with the prescription the co-op or agronomist wrote? InCommand 1200 and InCommand 800 displays now make re-writing prescriptions a cinch! Simply edit the upper and lower rate ranges or scale it by a percentage. The menu is dynamic and easy to compare to the original recommendation.

If you would like to learn more about the DirectCommand liquid module here or contact your friendly local Ag Leader dealer

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