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Ag Leader asks, “How do you like to plant?”

by Mar 17, 2014Ag Leader, Displays

Hidden in the version 5.2 release notes, among all the other exciting new features of the Ag Leader® Integra, is the ability to plant and apply headlands first or last with AutoSwath functionality. This easily overlooked feature will give growers the flexibility to plant the headlands last, be it to minimize compaction, for seed corn planting or to minimize emergence issues caused by turning around at the end of passes.


Access the headlands button from the field tab on the run screen. You must have a field boundary present to create a headland. Interior field boundaries are not affected by headlands.


Pressing the headlands button yields six options – enable/disable headlands, add a headland, load a previously created headland from the display, edit headland, alarm settings and active area. The active area options can be described as such:


To add a headland, press the plus button from Headland Options, select the headland type from the drop down menu. Options include driven, all-around and top bottom. This gives growers multiple options on how the headland is to be created and how the seed/product will be applied.


All-Around, where headlands will border the field boundary.


Top Bottom, where headlands are created perpendicular to a set heading, or based off an A-B line.


Driven, where headlands are user defined, similar to creating a boundary.

Pertinent settings for the headland type selected will be displayed to the left of the new headlands page, all-around headland type shown:



Run screen planting along a headland equal to one implement width.

If you have any questions on headland operations, feel free to call in to Technical Support at (515) 232-5363 or email

Technical Support will begin extended weekend coverage this weekend, March 22nd.  The extended schedule can be found here.

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