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Ag Leader® Integra Version 2.1 and EDGE™ Version 4.1 Firmware Released!

by Feb 17, 2011Displays

The latest firmware updates for the Ag Leader Integra and EDGE displays were released today, offering several enhancements and new features for customers. With these new features, the displays offer even greater functionality for your operation, and the firmware enhancements address many common requests.

The INTEGRA firmware update will enable Virtual Terminal on the display.

The Ag Leader Integra display will gain several new features with this update, including compatibility with the ISO 11783 Virtual Terminal standard, Advanced Seed Monitoring for corn planting, and support for the OnTrac2™ assisted steering system. Both the Ag Leader Integra and EDGE displays will now support Ag Leader’s new GPS 2500 smart antenna/receiver.

Several enhancements have been made to both the Ag Leader Integra and EDGE displays’ firmware as well. The update will provide a reduction in gaps on coverage maps when using AutoSwath with SeedCommand, and the on-screen map will now exclude undesired log points outside of the field operation that previously required a user to “Clear Bounds.” For more information about the latest updates to the Ag Leader Integra and EDGE firmware, see the full release notes on the firmware download page. Download Version 2.1 Firmware for the Ag Leader Integra display Download Version 4.1 Firmware for the EDGE display In addition, the latest firmware update for the ParaDyme® automated steering system has also been released. Click here to download the ParaDyme firmware update.

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