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Ag Leader: Quality Products, Quality People

by Jun 7, 2018Ag Leader, Australia, DirectCommand®

If you could only use one word to describe Ag Leader, what would it be?

It seems difficult to do justice to a 26-year-old, industry-leading company using only a single word, but for Ag Leader, one word resonates loud and clear: quality. Ag Leader has the highest quality of products thanks to our quality employees. Together, each department within Ag Leader works to produce products we are proud to stand behind, never compromising on quality. We have a culture of continuous improvement with our product failure rate being less than half of a percent – something we’re proud of but drives us to strive for higher satisfaction each day. That same commitment to quality extends to the people that are hired to become a part of the Ag Leader family. These employees value ethics, relationships, trust, and integrity while thriving in our bright and clean Ag Leader facilities that are home to an innovative and welcoming atmosphere that incubates ideas and creativity.

Ag Leader products are assembled and tested in our bright and clean production floor, in Ames, Iowa, to then be shipped to our dealer partners and placed into the hands of hard-working farmers.

The hard work and dedication of our employees is recognized and rewarded at Ag Leader. Employees enjoy a variety of benefits, events, and activities throughout the year as a token of appreciation from the company. If you would like to experience the Ag Leader difference and commitment to quality yourself, explore a variety of compelling careers with Ag Leader. Ag Leader Technology: exceeding customer expectations in technology, quality, and service.

Employees at the Ag Leader 25 Year Anniversary Employee Event in 2017.

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