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Ag Leader Remains Committed to Advancements in Planter Technology

by May 2, 2017Ag Leader, News & Announcements

Due to Monsanto’s termination of a 2015 agreement for Deere to acquire Precision Planting, the agreement for Ag Leader to access and distribute certain Precision Planting products has also ended.

“This announcement does not change Ag Leader’s commitment to bring innovative planting technology to the precision agriculture market,” said Al Myers, President and Founder of Ag Leader.

Ag Leader has a long history of innovation and offering color-blind precision farming solutions, and will continue that tradition through the competitive SeedCommand® line, which includes the InCommand™ 1200 display, SureDrive™ electric drives and Hydraulic Down Force. SureDrive electric planter drives are compatible with nearly every planter meter on the market, allowing farmers to upgrade planters they already own with the latest technology.

“Our innovative new products have led to substantial growth in 2017, and we are driven by the vision and plans in place to continue that growth for our company, dealers and customers,” Myers concluded.

Ag Leader is celebrating its 25th year of bringing cutting-edge technology to the ever-growing precision agriculture industry, and is unwavering in its commitment to serve farmers with technology to improve efficiency and accuracy.


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Jenna Royer