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Ag Leader’s New ISO Downforce System

by Dec 30, 2014Ag Leader, News & Announcements, SeedCommand®

Ag Leader is coming out with some exciting new products for 2015. One of the most talked about is the new ISO down force system.  The new ISO downforce is very similar to the previous style in terms of how it controls the row units, but there are enhancements that help the system be more precise. Also we have the option to control the ISO downforce system with more displays than the Ag Leader® Integra.


The first thing that we will cover is the main differences between the previous style downforce compared to the new style. For those of you familiar with the original downforce system, you know that it communicates like all of our previous modules; via the CAN Bus system.  The new downforce system will communicate through ISOBUS. ISOBUS systems require a different standard of cabling, so for some older tractors that are not ISOBUS ready, they will need to be retrofitted. For tractors that are ISOBUS ready, we can tee into the existing tractor ISOBUS with the display cable. A nice feature about the new downforce system is that since it is ISOBUS compatible, we can control the downforce system with any ISOBUS compatible display. When working with an Ag Leader® Integra or Versa display, there will be no unlock required to run the downforce system, while other third party monitors will require a module unlock.

The ISO downforce system has the ability to control 8 different sections on the planter independently. For an example, if a grower has a 16 row planter, they could have 8 sections with two rows per section. If the grower would like to customize his downforce sections, they could. We can have up to 4 gauge wheel sensors per section and any number of rows per section. If we do the math, we can monitor 32 different rows independently. With the Ag Leader downforce system, it gives us the ability to customize the downforce specific to operation. Our system will be able to help nullify factors such as wheel compaction, tillage operations, varying soil conditions, compaction caused by the row units, and any other factors that would change the amount of downforce required.


This is one product that will ensure your planter is achieving its target planting depth. With a more uniform emergence and proper early development of the root system, yields can be greatly improved. It can be surprising how beneficial this unique system can be. I encourage everyone to look into the benefits of a downforce system. If you would like more information, you can check out our website. You can also contact our tech support at 515-232-5363 or your local dealer. We will be glad to help you with any questions!