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Ag Leader’s Training Team Takes the mystery out of ISOBUS

by May 10, 2016Ag Leader, DirectCommand®, Training & Support

With all the exciting news and upcoming product releases coming out of Ames, it’s easy to overlook what’s already available. There is our ISOBUS Hydraulic Down Force system that was used by customers and dealers this spring and our DirectCommand ISOBUS Liquid Control system used in early spring or this summer’s applications.

Though these systems have been in the North American marketplace for a few years there are still questions surrounding these systems and other ISOBUS systems. Both customers and dealers alike are curious how these systems operate and why this is the direction most precision ag hardware manufacturers are turning to.

“I have everything installed, but I can’t get the object pool to show up”

“I’m wanting to control my ISOBUS ready planter with my Ag Leader display but don’t know how to set up the configuration”

“I’m afraid of trading to a new system because I like the way my current one operates. It does everything I need it to.”

These are some the quotes we have heard over the past several years. There is a growing desire of information and if we don’t address this need now, it will continue. 

In an effort to build our customers, and dealers, confidence with our ISOBUS systems the Ag Leader® training team is preparing updated materials and recorded webinars explaining the operations and functions of our ISOBUS systems. The videos will teach how to set up an Ag Leader ISOBUS Liquid system from the ground up. Dive into building task controller configurations to enable the display to record data while controlling the system. The videos and other resources will initially focus on the upcoming summer operations, but will evolve as time passes.

These new resources will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime there is still a bounty of information available on the dealer site to answer most of your questions.

If you have any questions about training or training recourses, please contact the training team at 515-735-7230 or by emailing We hope you have had a productive and safe planting season! We hope to see you this summer when classes start!

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