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Changes for OptRx™ Users in v3.3 Firmware

by Jun 22, 2012DirectCommand®

With the new Crop Sensor Rate Table available to OptRx™ users, we are now seeing more growers utilizing this on-the-fly, variable rate tool to maximize their yield potential. Many of our customers are using the OptRx™ crop sensing technology to apply an assortment of agrochemicals such as fertilizers, defoliants, pesticides, growth regulators, and more at a variable rate, according to real-time data collected while traveling across the field. With the help of an agronomist or crop consultant, growers are now able to essentially create a “prescription” in the monitor using a VI ( Vegetative Index) range and are then assigning these ranges a specific recommended rate.

For example:{image1} This feature will allow OptRx™ crop sensing technology to more effectively apply the recommended rates according to the varying VIs throughout your field. To utilize this feature you will need to checkmark “Use Application Rate Table” which is shown below:  {image2}

This variance in product placement will assist the health of your crop stand and provide the correct nutrients to the right plants to optimize yield results. You may also notice that with the 3.3 firmware release there have been changes to the Ag Leader® Integra display’s OptRx™ settings for corn that were previously only accessible for wheat. I wanted to take the time to explain these new settings and how the information you provide for these values will change your applied rate using OptRx™. The added settings that you will now see are:

  • Econ Opt Rate- The total amount of N consumed by the plant during the course of its lifetime
  • N Credits- The amount of N left over from the previous crop year
  • Pre- Sidedress Rate- The amount of N you applied to the crop previous to using OptRx™ sensors

In other words, your Econ Opt Rate is the total amount of N you would like your crop to have during the current growing season. Typically to yield 1 bushel of corn you will need 1 pound of nitrogen. So, if you were trying to achieve 180 bushels of corn you would use 180 as your Econ Opt Rate. Once you have set your desired Econ Opt Rate; the N Credits and Pre-Sidedress rate values are deducted from that total. As you apply N across your field, the VI readings the OptRx™ sensors obtain plus all of the data you have provided the Ag Integra™ display will provide an appropriate rate based on the plant health of the field. OptRx™ crop sensing technology is the ideal way to maximize your profit potential while improving nitrogen efficiency.

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