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Common Harvest Questions from Customer Training

by Sep 13, 2011Displays, Yield Monitoring

Now that the training season has come to an end, it's time to start thinking about crawling back into the driver’s seat of your combine.  As you are preparing for your journey to the field, I thought it might be good to share some common questions from customer training and the pre-harvest checklist to ensure that you have a smooth harvest season.

Below are a few of the questions that are often asked during harvest training sessions. Can I import a variety map into my Ag Leader® Integra Display from a different display? Yes.  You will need to read the log file into Ag Leader's SMS (Spatial Management Software) and export it as a .ref file to your USB (universal serial bus).  Then place your USB into your Ag Leader® Integra display, and it can be loaded by pressing the region button and Import Variety Map.


Finally select the .ref file that you have exported and press the green check box to load the reference map onto the run screen.


Can I do a weight calibration just using full semi loads? No.  There are too many variables in such large loads that prevent them from being accurate enough to use for calibration. For more information about performing weight calibrations, you can watch this video about the Ag Leader® Integra display or this video about the EDGE display.

What is the difference between Automatic Variety Tracking & Automatic Region Changing? You can use the Options screen to enable the display to track varieties that you planted earlier and are now harvesting. You can also use two types of variety tracking: Automatic Variety Tracking and Automatic Region Changing. Automatic Variety Tracking tracks only varieties; hence the operator must manually change to a new region. Automatic Region Changing tracks both varieties and regions, so the display changes the region automatically. 

The illustration below shows how the display could track two different varieties. In this example, when the harvester reaches the end of Variety 1, and the operator maneuvers the vehicle to Variety 2, a message appears that either a new variety has been detected and the user is notified to change regions (Automatic Variety Tracking,) or that a variety has been detected and the display is automatically changing regions (Automatic Region Changing).


For more helpful tips before you head to the field, please see our pre-harvest checklist or the following blogs about preparing for harvest: Pre-harvest Preparations: GPS & Steering Pre-harvest Preparations: SMS Software Pre-harvest Preparations: Hardware – Part 1 Pre-harvest Preparations: Hardware – Part 2

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