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Cut Time, Not Accuracy, In The Field This Fall

by Sep 27, 2018Yield Monitoring

Last year, we launched an updated harvest calibration process for the InCommand® family of displays. We took years of yield monitoring expertise and combined it with an intense study of grain flow characteristics to create an algorithm that delivers world-class data in fewer calibration loads.

Why did we do this? Well, we’re farmers, too. We recognize the importance of yield data but we also understand the urgency of the season. Cutting the calibration loads by half (or more) saves time and resources in the harvest operation.

Here are the details:

With InCommand 1200 or InCommand 800 displays firmware version 2.5 or higher you can automatically take advantage of the new process. Simply take one or two cal loads based on your preference.

  • One calibration load, taken at full grain flow, yields accuracy comparable to other one cal systems on the market.
  • Taking two calibration loads, one at full grain flow and the other taken at half grain flow, now yields the world-class Ag Leader accuracy that used to take 4 to 6 cal loads.

Still not sure which method is best for your farm? While we believe data accuracy should be a top priority and recommend two loads, we also know not everyone shares the same fondness we have for accurate data. For growers who may not have calibrated at all in previous years or those who would prefer a faster process over data accuracy there now is a one load option which provides accuracy on par with other one calibration solutions on the market.

Would you like to learn even more about our updated yield monitor calibration process? Check out this blog

Ready to reduce calibration loads and maintain the highest quality data in the industry? Download the latest InCommand firmware or talk to your local Ag Leader dealer!

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