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Dicamba Use in 2018

by Apr 26, 2018Agronomically Speaking, DirectCommand®

In the fall of 2017, the EPA announced some changes that affect all producers who plan to apply new dicamba products over the top of soybeans and cotton. 

In 2018, applicators who will apply XtendiMax, FeXapan, or Engenia must complete a mandatory training course. Some states are requiring that applicators complete a course specific to that state since the aforementioned products are now considered Restricted Use Pesticides. Producers may want to consider an automated application record keeping system such as DirectCommand. 

Key Takeaways 

1. If you apply these products, you are legally required to take the training course. Contact your local pesticide supplier for information. 

2. Applications must be recorded within 14 days of application and include the following:

a) The brand or product name
b) The EPA registration number
c) The total amount applied
d) The month, day, and year
e) The location of the application
f) The crop, commodity, stored product, or site
g) The size of the area treated 
h) The name of the certified applicator
i) The certification number of the certified applicator

3. Remember the basics of drift management:

a) Right Nozzle for correct Droplet Size
b) Right Wind 
c) Do not spray during temperature inversions
Advanced rate controllers such as Ag Leader’s DirectCommand system can help cover with many of today’s application challenges
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