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DirectCommand™ Granular Task Controller

by Oct 15, 2013DirectCommand®, Displays

The release of Ag Leader® Integra/Versa firmware version 4.5 brings some exciting new features for those of you utilizing ISOBUS technology in your operation.  Firmware version 4.5 adds Task Controller support for granular and seeding product applications to the already existing liquid application support. Task Controller enhancements in firmware version 4.5 also includes multi-product control. ISOBUS implements with multiple product application channels can be controlled through the Task Controller. 

Also, ISOBUS implements that have multiple independent product control modules can also be controlled through the Task Controller.  A Multi-Product unlock is required and the number of products to be controlled and logged will be dependent on which Ag Leader display is being used (e.g. Ag Leader Integra up to 8 products and Versa up to 3.)

Granular machine support consists of air seeders, airboom spreaders, and spinner spreaders.  Liquid machine support consists of pull-type and self-propelled sprayers.  Ag Leader’s Task controller is capable of controlling multiple products and up to 24 sections on air seeders, airboom spreaders, and sprayers.  The spinner spreaders will be limited to a single section with this release.  Some spinner spreaders are capable of multi-section swath control.  These machines can be set up as an airboom spreader allowing swath control to automatically cut the swath down in sections.  Support of spinner spreaders capable of multi-section control is anticipated in a future firmware release.

Below are the Task Controller ISOBUS ECU’s that have been added to Ag Leader’s Supported ECU list.  These ECU’s have been verified and tested by Ag Leader Technology with their Task Controller.


  • Amazone ZA-TS spreaders
  • Case 2280 and 2330 Precision Air Carts
  • CHD F4133 trailed sprayer
  • Dammann sprayers with Mueller Sprayer Job computer
  • Dubex sprayers with Mueller Sprayer Job computers
  • Horsch Express 3TD seeders
  • Horsch Leeb sprayers with Mueller Sprayer Job computers
  • Inuma sprayers with Mueller Sprayer Job computers
  • John Deere iSprayers (700i, 800i, 900i)
  • Kuhn-Rauch Axis spreaders
  • Kverneland-RauiXtrack sprayers
  • Kverneland Accord drill seeders
  • Kverneland Accord Monopill seeders
  • Mueller Electronik Sprayer Job computer

Ag Leader Task Controller functionality includes:

  • Section control
  • Multiple product data logging (via .agdata files)
  • Multiple product implement control (Multiple Product unlock required)
  • Variable rate control (supported with .agsetup, .irx and .shp file formats)

Task Controller support for ISOBUS planters is not currently supported, but is anticipated in our February firmware release. This future release will provide single or multi-channel support and control of ISOBUS planters with up to 36 sections.  This means Task Controller will be able to control a single drive or multiple drives (up to 3) for variable rate planting, and up to 36 clutches.  Additionally, the multi-channel and multi-module support means that planters can be set up with liquid or granular Task Controller ISOBUS ECU’s.  Also, ISOBUS planters will be able to be operated in combination with standard Ag Leader modules (e.g. Direct Command liquid doing fertilizer control during planting).

The Virtual Terminal unlock is required for using the Versa (Task Controller and VT) or Compass (VT only) display in this facet; however the VT unlock is standard with the Ag Leader Integra display. Further, current supported VT ISOBUS and Task Controller ISOBUS ECU’s can be found in the resources below. Equipment not found on the supported list does not necessarily mean it will not be compatible but instead reflects that Ag Leader hasn’t tested the VT/TC functionality. Any ECU that properly follows the ISOBUS standards and the conventions for task controller device descriptions should be compatible.  However, an ECU is not put on the supported list until fully tested by Ag Leader’s testing department.


An Ag Leader Integra ISOBUS user with a CHD sprayer in the Netherlands

Additional ISOBUS resources:

Task Controller FAQ
Complete Supported ECU’s list

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