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Don’t put your planter away just yet!

by Jun 9, 2015Displays, SeedCommand®

As the planting season draws to a close, it’s time to park the planter in the shed until next season. Either the planting season ran smoothly or there was obstacle after obstacle hindering the completion of planting. You may have finished planting with a lingering issue on the planter that prevented it from performing at its full potential. Now is the time to resolve these issues and/or prevent future road blocks on your journey to success. Set aside some time to go through some preventative maintenance to ensure you’re ready to plant when next season rolls around.

Display Management

  • Create a backup of the display of this year’s data
  • Migrate any remaining data from the display to a computer for long term, permanent storage
  • Evaluate management items, and removed any items that will not be used this fall or next season (fields, products, equipment setups)
  • Add any new management items into the display that may be needed for next season (tractor, planter, fields, boundaries)

Hardware and Wiring Diagnosis

  • All clutches engage and disengage (verify by cycling section switches)
  • If controlling hydraulic drives, run drives and visually monitor any skipping or irregular speeds
  • Check for wire breaks, cuts, pinches
  • Clean and Secure connections

After going through theses simple checks, you can feel confident knowing that when you’re ready to work next season, your planter will be too. No cloud of doubt will be hovering over you all year because you know your system will be performing properly come next year.

If you finished planting and your system wasn’t operating at 100%, please contact your local dealer, e-mail, or call 515-232-5363 for further assistance to make sure your planter is ready for next season.

As of June 8, Technical Support hours have returned to its normal schedule:

Monday-Friday: 7am-7pm CDT

From all of us here at Ag Leader Tech Support, we thank you for a successful planting season!

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