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Exciting New Features Already Coming to InCommand!

by Feb 3, 2016Ag Leader, Displays

Today saw the first firmware release for the recently launched InCommand™ display line and already Ag Leader is bringing valuable features to the new display platform.

Here are just a few new feature highlights:

Split Screen Advanced Seed Monitoring (InCommand 1200)
Take advantage of more data with Split Screen Advanced Seed Monitoring. Utilizing the map screen for visual performance data, you can see where a problem started and on what row to make the proper machine changes to save yield. Get even more in-depth information through graphical representations of each individual row.

Split Screen with Camera (InCommand 1200)
Want to see implement performance? What about seeing where your auger is positioned while unloading the combine on the go? Now with the Split Screen Camera option, you can still have your mapping screen and guidance available while seeing the camera images.


Demo Mode (InCommand 1200)
For the Dealer – Having a fully functional display in my storefront or at shows is beneficial to show a grower the benefits of Ag Leader’s InCommand family. With v1.1 firmware, simply plug in the InCommand and select Demo Mode. Now you have a fully interactive display. Show customers how to toggle through the various screen views, moving data from the display to AgFiniti® Mobile or where a setting is.

For the Grower – Learn to use the display and become familiar with the menu and navigation. With Demo Mode on the InCommand 1200, you can refresh yourself on how the display functions before going to the field.

And much more!
Please see the 1.1 release notes for the complete list of new features.