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Firmware Update Version 3.5 is Now Available!

by Oct 16, 2012Displays

We are excited to announce a new firmware release for the Ag Leader® Integra and Versa displays! We think you will be very pleased with the new options available with this release. Version 3.5 is a free upgrade and is available for download from your dealer.

Features of the new firmware includes:

  • RTK selection for GPS 2500


  • Support for GeoSteer


  • ISOBUS support for UC5 on CAN B. Unlock still required to enable optional Ag Leader map screen controls
  • ENHANCED:  Automatic Swath Control performance for Hardi ISOBUS sprayer with SafeTrack
  • ENHANCED:  Reduce end of pass false skips and overlaps in coverage map for liquid application


  • Intellislope support for tile installation (unlock required)
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