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Forage Yield Monitoring like never before

by Mar 10, 2017Yield Monitoring

Late last year, we set out to improve the yield monitor experience on the market’s most popular forage harvester. We felt we could leverage our 25 years of yield monitoring expertise to bring high-resolution, quality yield data to forage harvest operations. The objective? To allow growers to have clear, actionable data when it comes to forage yield crops.

Operators are spending longer hours in the cab and attention often gets diverted to other priorities in this ever-busy day and age. As a result,  autosteer on the farm has gone from a luxury to a necessity – that’s why Ag Leader also {image1}chose to offer an autosteer solution for the CLAAS JAGUAR machines. Customers can choose to steer from WAAS, TerraStar or RTK correction sources with the scalable GPS 6500 receiver. The SteerCommand® controller provides best-in-class integrated steering to keep you right on track. 

Making actionable choices from information can be hard. Ag Leader adds value by taking the guesswork out of data management with AgFiniti®. After all, what good is data if it’s confusing to make sense of or manage? Wirelessly connect your iPad to the InCommand™ display for forage yield maps and stats you’ll actually want to look at. Clearly see how crops performed and where. And when you need the higher horsepower tools for analysis and action, SMS™ Software is there for prescription writing, managing guidance lines, advanced analysis and much more.

And that’s just the beginning! Ag Leader has a complete product portfolio to help you manage, plant, apply and harvest more efficiently and profitably.  Check it out at or contact your Ag Leader dealer today! 

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